Midwifery Services

Dr. Anderson Keller believes in the right of every family to have the birth experience that they wish for. The birth process is a normal, natural rite of passage; it is not a medical pathology (as it has been treated in more recent years). Women embody the truest form of creativity and nurturing through reproduction. The transformations that occur physically, emotionally, and spiritually are a joy and honor to all who witness them.

Dr. Anderson Keller is a licensed midwife (New Mexico) and a Certified Professional Midwife (national certification). She provides in-office prenatal care, home birthing, and post-partum home visits. Working in support of the pregnant family, Dr. Anderson Keller combines the knowledge of age-old birthing wisdom that has been passed down through our ancestors with modern medical understanding to allow a safe, gentle birthing process. It is her job to take care of any medical needs, so that the family can focus on the beauty of the birth.

Through this process, birth partners of pregnant women are encouraged to participate as much as possible, attending prenatal appointments and birth classes. If desired, the partner is usually able to actively participate in the labor and delivery.

A healthy pregnancy begins with good pre-conceptive health. Dr. Anderson Keller helps women at all phases of pregnancy including:

· Family planning

· Infertility issues

· Fertility awareness

· Pre-conception health

· Prenatal care

· Home birthing

· Post-partum care

· Well-baby and well-child care.

Recommended Resources for Pregnant Moms and Families:


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To schedule your first prenatal consult with Dr. Keller, call 505-670-9042 or e-mail us at info@naturecure.net.